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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

VAUGHN, LEWIS (1841-1908)

Sawtelle Soldiers Home Records

NAME: Lewis Vaughn
REGISTER #: 2667

Military History

RANK/CO/UNIT: Co P/12th US Infantry
ENLISTMENT: 1861/10/21 Oneida NY
DISCHARGED: 1864/10/20 Petersburg VA Expiration of Service

Domestic History

BORN: North Wales 1841
AGE: 54
HT/CMP/EYE/HR: 5'7"/dark/Illiterate
RELIGION: Protestant
NEXT OF KIN: Elizabeth Roberts, Little Falls NY

Home History

ADMISSION: 1895/04/17
DATE OF DEATH: 1908/07/08
CAUSE OF DEATH: Dilation of Heart

General Remarks

PENSION CERT: #904,003
EFFECTS: $152.10 Cash
HOW DISPOSED OF: Turned over to E.W. Moore Treasurer July 16, 1907
BURIAL INFO: Section 15, Row B, No. 18

Santa Cruz County Hospital Records

County Hospital records indicated that Louis Vaughn, a laborer, born about 1844 in Wales, was admitted on July 31, 1889 due to a contoured chest cavity after having been run over by a wagon . He was discharged on August 21, 1889. On February 24, 1892 he was readmitted for Locomotion Ataxia (paralysis). Hospital records show that he was a patient until April 15,1895 at which time all reference to him ceases on their records without either dismissal or death being noted.

Santa Cruz Surf (April 9, 1894)

Sunshine For a Soldier
How Reynolds Relief Corps Cheered a Sick Comrade

Comrade Vaughn, an old soldier, who is at the county hospital, is suffering from paralysis of the lower limbs, which has entirely prevented his walking and has kept him practically helpless.

The members of Reynolds Relief Corps have felt that they would be glad to have their comrade able to get out into the sunshine and to enjoy once more the beauties and blessing of spring. So they purchased a very complete and comfortable wheel chair, and on Saturday afternoon, twenty of the ladies, escorted by two or three comrades of Reynolds post, went out to the hospital to visit Comrade Vaughn, the teams being provided through the courtesy of Cardiff Bros., of the Bonner stables.

The wheel chair was taken, too, and on arriving there the old soldier, who was completely taken by surprise, was lifted by kindly hands into his new chair and rolled himself out into the sunshine on the broad verandah of the hospital. Tears of gratitude and pleasure sprang from his eyes, and his visitors felt a suspicious moisture about their own eyes which attested to their sympathy for him.

Flowers and other comforts were taken to the other inmates of the hospital and a pleasant afternoon visit made.

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