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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson


Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 31, 1920)

GAR/WRC Celebrate Sykes Anniversary
Golden Wedding Ceremony at Laveaga Park

Col. W.V. Lucas had arranged for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Sarah l. Kelly to Wm. H. Sykes, at the Laveaga Park on Monday.

That Comrade Sykes had served for four years in the Civil War, it is hardly necessary to say to those who know him; the 32d Illinois is the regiment to which he belonged.

How Comrade Sykes met the companion for life, after the war; how they were married; how they built up their home, how they reared the family of twelve children, who were born to them, and who all live to this day to bless their parents, was told by Col. Lucas in one of the clear and interesting sketches for which the colonel is famous.

Before giving more family history, the recital of what took place at the anniversary dinner, served al fresco.

Col. Lucas had invited their pastor, Rev. Dr. Grant to perform the marriage ceremony, which was celebrated in a most impressive manner in the presence of their twelve children, twenty four grandchildren, two great grand children, and the brother of the bride and his wife from Oregon. That a large number of Grand Army comrades, with their families and friends were present, need hardly be stated.

The program, music and singing was participated in by both children and grandchildren.

In an address made by Col. Lucas, bearing on the ties of marriage and family, he called attention to the splendid example set by this family who in all relations of life carried out the principles of the good Christian, the good citizen, and held to the performances of every duty imposed by moral and civic training; that the family builds up the state and the government, has always served his country nobly, in war and in peace.

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