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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

STOTT, EDMUND (1845-1935)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (May 28, 1929)

Nineteen Survivors of the Early Wars Will Be Guests of Honor this Memorial Day

Edmund Stott

Stepping around lively in a wheel chair and by the use of crutches, Comrade Edmund Stott, 105 Caledonia street, is more than willing to tell you many instances of interest about the Civil War. Now 83 years of age he enlisted when 16 years old with the 23rd Wisconsin Regiment, Volunteer Infantry.

The total of actual conflicts participated in were 17. One of the many interesting events was the time he was taken prisoner in the battle of Carry and Crow in Louisiana. For three months he was held prisoner and he vividly tells of the way the bread was baked and handed out to the prisoners. The bread was baker in loaves two feet square by four inches thick, only one ration a day. Some of the soldiers would eat theirs all at once, while others would make it into porridge and last for several meals.

It was a lucky day when he was traded for a confederate and allowed to go back to fight, it being easier to fight than to be a prisoner, even though the hardships seemed almost as great at times.

His reason for coming to Santa Cruz in 1923 was that his daughter was already here and wanted him to come where he would live longer.

Santa Cruz Evening News (May 30, 1930)

GAR Well Represented

Edmund Stott, 203 North Branciforte Avenue, was born in England, December 10, 1845 and enlisted in Darlington, Wis. on August 14, 1862. As a member of company B, Wisconsin infantry, he was in 17 major battles and several skirmishes, but never was wounded.

Mr. Stott was taken prisoner on October 3, 1863 and exchanged on the first of the following January, after having been in a prison camp in Louisiana. "The prisoners were kept in the open," related Mr. Stott. "They were allowed to chop all the wood they needed and they built big bonfires to keep themselves warm during the night, and then slept most of the day."

He fought under General Grant, who was a personal friend of his family and lived at Galena Illinois, about 40 miles from the Stott home.

Mr. and Mrs. Stott and their family came to California seven years ago. Three years ago Mr. Stott fell and broke his hip and he has been confined to a wheel chair since then . He and his wife recently purchased their home on Branciforte Avenue.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 21, 1935)

Edmond Stott is Dead at Age of 89

Edmond Stott, who was born 89 years ago in England, died yesterday morning at his home at 209 North Branciforte avenue.

Santa Cruz had been his home for 12 years and he had retired from active life.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Josephine Stott, and children residing here.

The body is at the C.C. Chase mortuary where funeral arrangements are being made.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 22, 1935)

Edmund Stott, Civil War Veteran Called by Death

Edmund Stott, Civil war veteran who passed away Thursday of this week, was born in Lancashire, England in 1845. He came to Boston Mass, and later moved to Darlington, Wis., and for the last 12 years he had made his home in Santa Cruz where his widow, Mrs. Josephine Stott, and six children and eight grandchildren survive his passing.

Mr. Stott joined the army when he was but 16 years of age and was still under age when he was discharged at the end of the war in 1865. He took part in many battles, 17 in all, among them being the battle of Gettysburg [Ed note: Vicksburg?]. He attended the last national G.A.R. convention in Vicksburg and his name is on the famous Vicksburg monument. He was taken prisoner in the Carion Crowe-Bayou and was exchanged after three months, in 1863, and returned to his own company after many privations.

Mr. Stott was active in G.A.R. affairs, having served as commander in the Harvey Post, No. 45, Darlington, Wis. He was the last surviving member in the Darlington, Harvey Post No. 45.

Mr. Stott held various offices in Darlington and was always interested in civic affairs. His wife and sons have followed his footsteps in organizations of union veterans. Mrs. Stott is an officer in the Daughters of Union Veterans and his son, Herbert, is active in the American Legion Post No. 64.

The children surviving are Mrs. Violet Owens of Cottonwood, Calif, G.B. Stott, Spokane, Wash.,; L.M., G.A. and Herbert Stott, sons who live in Santa Cruz, and a daughter, Mrs. Emma Ryan also of Santa Cruz.

Stott Funeral Today

Funeral services for Edmund Stott will be held this afternoon at the chapel of the C.C. Chase Mortuary and will be conducted by Rev. H. S. Mahood [Congregational]. Inurnment will be at the I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 23, 1935)

Funeral services were held yesterday at the chapel of the C.C. Chase mortuary for Edmund Stott, a veteran of the Civil War. The services were conducted by the Daughters of the Civil War Veterans.

The inurnment was at the Odd Fellows crematory.

Obituary Notes from Phil Reader

203 N. Branciforte. Edmund Stott, 89 years 6 months 10 days, died June 20, 1935. Retired Stone Mason born Dec. 10, 1845 in Lancashire, England. Father was John Stott, England. Civil War at Darlington WI, Vicksburg on Monument. IOOF Cemetery. In the US 87 years, Calif 12 years, Santa Cruz 12 years.

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