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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

SIMMONS, ALLEN (1845-1910)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (July 30 1910)

Allen Simmons Met Death By Runaway

Allen Simmons, an old soldier, 65 years of age, a native of England met his death in a sudden manner on Friday as the result of a runaway overtaking and dashing into his rig on the Blackburn Gulch drive.

In the morning Building Inspector W.A. White, with W.A. Jackson, a city employee, went to De Laveaga Park in a gravel team for the purpose of securing some logs on the city park on the side of the hills adjoining the Blackburn Gulch road to be used in improvements being made at the playgrounds in another part of the park. The team was left standing by the road side, being considered gentle, having at one time served in the fire department and had often been left standing alone. For some unaccountable manner they were seen to start off down the road, first very slowly, but it is believed that the heavy wagon behind them gradually forced them into a run.

The team was soon on a good run down the main road and met one man with ponies who escaped collision by turning out closely towards the bank of the road. Mr. Simmons was further down the road on his way to town with a load of fruit. Apparently he did not see or hear the approaching team or was unable to get out of their way. When in front of the Goss place near the culvert between Isabel Grove and the flume of the Hihn Water Co., on the side of the hill, the runaways overtook the rig in which Simmons was driving. The horses evidently attempted to slow up and in so doing caused the wagon pole to swing up into the air over the rig of Simmons, striking the unfortunate man in the back of the head and throwing him from the rig. When picked up a little later he was dead. His neck was broken, either as a result of being struck by the wagon pole or striking the ground.

The deceased was brought to the undertaking parlors of Wessendorf & Staffler, and Deputy Sheriff Alzina and Mr. White drove up to Granite Creek to notify the niece and nephew who live on the ranch. The deceased was a brother of Mrs. Grace Fast who died about a year ago. The body will be sent to Mount Olivet Cemetery for interment.

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