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Santa Cruz City Chiefs of Police (List)

The city of Santa Cruz was incorporated March 31,1866. The Police Department was formed in 1867. Below are the Chiefs of Police who have served since that time.

Chiefs Years of Service
Robert Liddell 1867-1882
S.J. Taintor 1882
Myron Sacket Patterson 1882-1884
Joseph W. Scott 1884-1886
W.W. "Will" Clark 1886-1888
Amos Lunt 1888-1889
J.E. Armstrong 1889-1890
Mat Rawie 1890-1904
W.W. "Will" Clark 1904-1906
J.E. Armstrong 1906-1910
Hugh Daugherty 1910-1912
M.C. Jones 1912-1914
Frank K. Hannah 1914-1925
E.B. Kalar 1925-1929
William Walker 1929-1930
E.B. Kalar 1930-1932
Ora Dunlop 1932-1933
Al Huntsman 1933-1956
Geno J. Pini 1957-1982
Richard W. Foerster 1982 (interim chief)
John "Jack" Bassett 1982-1994
Steven R. Belcher 1994-2003
Howard Skerry 2003-2010
Kevin Vogel 2010-present



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See The History of the Santa Cruz Police Department on the City of Santa Cruz website.

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