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Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton

Headstone of Theophilus Schupbach
Theophilus Schupbach
Evergreen Cemetery

Theophilus Schupbach, a Private, enrolled in Company G of the 1st California Cavalry at Howland Flat California on May 21, 1863. He was formally mustered in on June 12, 1863 and served until May 21, 1866 when he was mustered out at Santa Fe NM at the expiration of his term of service.

Santa Cruz Hospital Records

Gutlip Schupbach, a 48 year old laborer who was born in Germany was admitted to the county hospital with cirrhosis of the liver on Feb 25, 1894. He was subsequently discharged on August 6, 1894.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (March 25, 1897)

Schupbach’s Suicide
He Shoots Himself Through the Heart While Despondent
Made Careful Preparations for the Deed -- Imagined He Was to be Sent to an Asylum

Shortly after six o’clock Wednesday morning, Theophilus Schupbach committed suicide at Kron’s tannery by shooting himself through the heart with a pistol, while in a fit of despondency.

The deceased resided in a small lodging house in the tannery yard. For several nights his son, who is fifteen years old, had been staying with him. On Tuesday night they went home together; after the father had taken a drink in a saloon on Front St. At two o’clock Wednesday morning Schupbach arose and dressed. At six o’clock the son got up. Schupbach requested the boy to go and tell Edward Roedel, the Forman of the tannery, he wanted to see him. While the boy was on his way to see Roedel, Schupbach opened his shirt, placed the pistol to his breast and fired. He then walked some forty feet from the room and back, a trail of blood marking his path. As he reached the room he fell in the door way, never to rise again.

John McKenna, who was going to work, saw the deceased bending over with his hand over his heart, then return to the room and fall on his back.

On a table in the room was a 38 caliber pistol, one barrel of which was empty. Before Schupbach placed the pistol to his breast he shaved himself and put on his best suit of clothes.

Schupbach left three notes. One was to his wife, from whom he had been separated, telling her how he once had loved her, and that he wished to be buried beside his sister in Evergreen Cemetery. The sister was Mrs. Geyer who died at the Agnews Asylum a few weeks ago. Another note was to H.F. Kron, in which he referred to certain persons who were endeavoring to have him sent to the insane Asylum, but he would fool them. A note was also directed to Coroner Clark.

The deceased was a native of Switzerland and aged fifty years. For fourteen years he had been employed at Kron’s tannery. The deceased was a member of Co. G. First Cavalry Volunteers and will be buried this afternoon.

An inquest will be held tomorrow, the following jury being selected: G.S. Tait, W. Ruffcorn, C. Lachle, R. Rieger, H.A. Hein, and E. Rodriquez.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (March 27, 1897)

Verdict of Suicide
Four of Theophilus Schupbach’s Relatives Were Insane -- Letters Left by the Deceased.

A Coroner’s inquest was held Friday to ascertain the cause of Theophilus Schupbach’s death. The verdict was that deceased came to his death from a gunshot wound inflicted by himself with suicidal intent.

Mrs. Schupbach testified that she had not lived with the deceased for some time; that she saw him the night before he died; that he talked almost continuously about his sister who had died at Agnews; that two half brothers and two sisters of the deceased had died insane; that he had often made threats of killing himself.

Among the letters written by Schupbach were the following:

Emma Augusta: Once I loved you dearly, but you have basely deserted me and driven me to my grave. My last love to Ana and Josie.
From your husband, G Schupbach

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