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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
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Sawtelle Soldiers Home Records

Headstone of T J Richardson
T. J. Richardson
LA National Cemetery

NAME: Thomas J Richardson
REGISTER #: 3909

Military History

ENLISTMENT: 1864/02/16 Salem Oregon
DISCHARGED: 1866/11/20 Ft. Vancouver WT
DISABILITY: Hemorrhoids

Domestic History

BORN: 1836? Illinois
AGE: 66
HT/CMP/EYE/HR: 5'7"?/Fr/Literate
RELIGION: Protestant
NEXT OF KIN: Mrs. Ellen E. Richardson (Wife) Santa Cruz

Home History

ADMISSION: 1898/06/14 1909/08/04
DISCHARGED: 1907/04/11 own request
DATE OF DEATH: 1910/11/15
CAUSE OF DEATH: Chronic Bronchitis

General Remarks

PENSION CERT: #672,943
EFFECTS: $4 Cash
HOW DISPOSED OF: Turned over to Ellen E Richardson

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 18, 1898)

Richardson Resigns as QM

T.J. Richardson has resigned as Quartermaster of Wallace-Reynolds Post, as he intends to soon leave for the Soldiers Home at Santa Monica to undergo an operation. John Copp was elected his successor.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 13, 1898)

Soldier’s Home Letter

Mr. Hynes-- Dear Sir and Comrade: I suppose the old boys all want to hear how I am getting along, and I hardly know what to say. For a while I thought I was getting along finely, but of late I am not improving much, and I am very weak, so weak in fact that I can scarcely walk about the grounds. I have no fault to find with anything here for I am treated tip top; I would like to see all the old boys again, but can not tell when that time will come. It all depends on circumstances. Give my kindest regards to the boys, and tell them I would be pleased to receive a few lines from any of them at any time, for I feel somewhat lonesome here.
T.J. Richardson.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (November 18, 1910)

DIED: RICHARDSON - At Soldiers Home Nov. 15th, Thomas J. Richardson a native of Ill, aged 78 years

Death of an Old Soldier

Thomas J. Richardson, father of Walter Richardson of this city passed away at the Soldiers’ Home at Santa Monica last Tuesday at the age of 78 years. He was a resident of Santa Cruz for about fifteen years, leaving here about six years ago, since which time he has traveled about a good deal for his health, and spending the remainder of his time at the Soldiers’ Home.

Santa Cruz Surf (December 19, 1917)

DIED: REYNOLDS - In Santa Cruz December 18th , 1917 William Woolsey Reynolds aged 84, a native of Connecticut.

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