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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

NEEDHAM, JACOB (1838-1908)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (February 14, 1902)

A man named Needham who lives about four miles up Soquel Creek was arrested Tuesday morning by Game Warden Reed for unlawfully catching salmon and fined $20 and cost by Justice Ord of Soquel.

Santa Cruz Surf (May 7, 1907)

Jacob Needham Passes Away at Olive Springs
Death Was from Heart Trouble and was Sudden

Jacob Needham, an old time resident of the county, who for many years made Soquel his home, died last night at Olive Springs where he had been at work.

His death was from heart trouble from, which he suffered at times, and happened suddenly.

He was in his cabin and had finished his supper. Shortly after he was taken with a spell of heart trouble and died in a short time.

The deceased was a native of North Carolina, 70 years of age, and leaves a wife.

For many years he was employed at the paper mill at Soquel, and was well known to all the residents of that community which was his home and was where his wife was at the time of death.

Santa Cruz [?] (December 24, 1926)

Old Time Soquel Resident Dies

Mrs. Mary June Needham for thirty five years a resident at Soquel died yesterday at her home near the neighboring town.

She was a southerner by birth and was born in South [North] Carolina 86 years ago.

She was one who had many friends about Soquel.

The body is at Chase's mortuary.

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson

For the past four years we have been attempting to tie the Needham in the article below to the Jacob Needham who resided and is buried in Soquel. This has not yet been conclusively established. It has been the practice of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to credit Civil War participation in questionable cases in order to avoid erroneously eliminating a veteran. This material should be used only for potential reference purposes until Civil War membership has been firmly established.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (November 18, 1887)

I. Needham of Soquel sports one of the longest mustaches in the State. It measures two feet five inches long. This is another result of the glorious climate. Mr. Needham and John Delahanty fought at the battle of Shiloh, the former being on the confederate side and the latter with the "boys in blue"

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