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MOULTON, PAGE H (18??- 1926)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 27, 1926)

DIED: MOULTON - At Felton Oct. 26, Page Moulton, aged about 75.

Aged Man is Struck By Train; Instantly Killed

Paul [Page H]S. Moulton, about 75 years of age, was killed yesterday when thrown from the trestle over Zayante creek after being struck by the Boulder Creek train.

Moulton had arrived from Oakland at Felton, had a place at Felton Acres, and had started from the station after leaving the Oakland noon train; was going over toward Felton and was crossing the trestle over the Zayante creek when he was struck by the train and was thrown about 25 feet below

The train was stopped, and no doubt death was instantaneous owing to the nature of the injuries, as it was found that his skull was fractured, his chest crushed and his neck and both legs broken.

The coroner, Dr. W.R. Congdon, was notified, and the body was removed to the Wessendorf mortuary.

It is known that he was a veteran of the civil war, but they have been unable to get in touch with any person as to whom his relatives are.

The inquest will be held at the mortuary.

The watch of the aged man stopped at 12:35 P.M.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 28, 1926)

Inquest Over Man Killed by Train

The inquest over Page Moulton who was killed by being struck by a train while crossing the trestle near Felton station, is to be held by the Coroner. Dr. W.R. Congdon Friday morning at Wessendorf's mortuary.

They have not yet been able to get in touch with any of this relatives.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 30, 1926)

DIED; MOULTON- Near Felton, Oct. 26 Page H. Moulton, aged 74 years, 4 months; a native of Illinois

Funeral of the deceased will be held from Wessendorf's mortuary today at 10 a.m. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend. Interment in I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 31, 1926)

Moulton, Killed by Train, Leaves $10,000 Estate

Page Moulton, who was suddenly killed when he was struck by a train at Felton and whose life went out in an instant started his will with the words; "Should my life go out suddenly," and then bequeaths his entire estate, valued at about $10,000, to his wife and two sons.

The will was filed by Dr. W. R. Congdon, public administrator represented by Attorneys Rittenhouse and Snyder, the widow renouncing her right and requesting that Dr. Congdon be appointed.

The will read as follows:

"Should my life go out suddenly, I have in Security Trust Co. bank and Bank of Italy, Bakersfield, a safety box in the latter bank containing government bonds and other securities, in all $9100

"After my burial expenses have been deducted I want the rest of the money and securities divided equally between my wife, Stella Moulton Innis, and Ray Moulton of Firestone, Sonoma Co. Calif. Done this 14th day of Dec. 1925."

Page H. Moulton or P.H. Moulton.

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