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The Laguna Limekilns: Bonny Doon
by Robert W. Piwarzyk

Research Bibliography

[This article is excerpted from a manuscript titled, "The Laguna Limekilns: Bonny Doon," pp. 44-45. The maps, drawings, and photos of the manuscript are not included on this site. The manuscript is copyrighted 1996 by the author. It is used here with permission.]

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Felton Library Files

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Santa Cruz County Surveyor Files

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Oral Interviews

  1. Andreasen, John. Neighbor who encountered an old timer who said he hauled limestone to the kilns on Laguna Creek from a quarry to the west. Conducted by Robert W. Piwarzyk. Bonny Doon, 1995.
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  4. Wildhagen, Ernest. Visited his uncle in Bonny Doon and traveled Ice Cream Grade as a young boy. Conducted by Robert W. Piwarzyk. Bonny Doon, 1996.

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