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SCPL Bookmarklet

What is a Bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program which can be added to your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), as a Bookmark or Favorites link. The "Library Bookmarklet" lets you know if a particular book you've found at an online bookseller (like Amazon) is in the Library's catalog. Clicking on the bookmarklet link while you have a a book's detailed listing at an online bookseller open in your browser will conduct a search for that book in the Library catalog and open a new browser window with the results. If the Library does have the book, the Library's catalog record for that book will appear letting you know the book's location and status.

How Does it Work?

The bookmarklet program searches the Library's catalog for a matching ISBN of the book title displayed by the bookseller. Therefore, only titles with matching ISBN's will be found in the Library's catalog. For example, if the Library owns the hardcover and the bookmarklet is searching for the paperback ISBN, your search will not bring up that title. Please note that this works for books only -- it will not work for CDs or DVDs. You must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Installing the Bookmarklet

To install the bookmarklet in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, simply click on the link below and, holding the mouse button down, drag it to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Internet Explorer
To install the bookmarklet in Internet Explorer, right-click on the link below and select "Add to Favorites" from the contextual menu. Click "Yes" when the security alert appears. Create the Favorite in the "Favorites Bar" when prompted to select a location. It should now appear in your browser's Favorites Toolbar.

SCPL Bookmarklet

Using the Bookmarklet

Once the bookmarklet has been installed, try it out! Go to Amazon and search for the book "Tiger's Wife." Click on the title (select the hardback version). When you are on the detail page, click on the bookmarklet in your browser's toolbar. A new browser window will open with search results for this book in the SCPL Catalog.

Bookmarklet Tips

  • Nothing happens when you click the bookmarklet... There are two things you might check. First, make sure that you are on the detailed information page for one particular book on the vendor's site. If the URL for the page you are on does not contain an ISBN, the bookmarklet will do nothing when you click on it. The second possibility is that you are using Firefox and the new window has popped up behind your current window.
  • For best results... Choose hardcover editions on the bookseller's site. If you're looking at a paperback book on a bookseller's site and not finding the book in the Library's catalog, try the hardcover edition instead. Hardcover and paperback editions have different ISBNs--and the Library is more likely to carry hardcover editions.