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Signers of the Original California Constitution

Signers of the Original California Constitution

The signers of the original California Constitution were the 48 delegates to the constitutional convention. The convention met from September to November 1849 at Colton Hall in Monterey, California. The Constitution was written in both English and Spanish and provided that all major legislation was to be written in both languages. This requirement was dropped when a new constitution was formulated in 1878--1879.

John A. Sutter Switzerland -- 47
H.W. Halleck New York Monterey 32
William M. Gwin Tennessee San Francisco 44
William M. Steuart Maryland San Francisco 49
Joseph Hobson Maryland San Francisco 39
Thomas L. Vermeule New Jersey -- 35
O.M. Wozencraft Ohio San Joaquin 34
B.F. Moore Florida San Joaquin 29
William E. Shannon New York Sacramento 27
Winfield S. Sherwood New York Sacramento 32
Elam Brown New York San Jose 52
Joseph Aram New York San Jose 39
J.D. Hoppe Maryland San Jose 35
John McDougal Ohio Sutter 32
Elisha O. Crosby New York Vernon 34
H.K. Dimmick New York San Jose 34
Julian Hanks Connecticut San Jose 39
M.M. Carver Kentucky Sacramento 42
Francis J. Lippitt Rhode Island San Francisco 37
Rodman M. Price Massachusetts Monterey 47
Thomas O. Larkin New York San Francisco 36
Louis Dent Missouri Monterey 26
Henry Hill Virginia Monterey 33
Charles T. Betts Virginia Monterey 40
Myron Norton Vermont San Francisco 27
James M. Jones Kentucky San Joaquin 25
Pedro Sainsevain Bordeaux San Jose 26
José M. Covarrubias France Santa Barbara 41
Antonio M. Pico California San Jose 40
Jacinto Rodriquez California Monterey 36
Stephen G. Foster Maine Los Angeles 28
Henry A. Tefft New York San Luis Obispo 26
J.M.H. Hollingsworth Maryland San Joaquin 25
Abel Stearns Massachusetts Los Angeles 51
Hugh Reid Scotland San Gabriel 38
Benjamin S. Lippincott New York San Joaquin 34
Joel P. Walker Virginia Sonoma 52
Jacob R. Snyder Pennsylvania Sacramento 34
Lansford W. Hastings Ohio Sacramento 30
Pablo de la Guerra California Santa Barbara 30
M.G. Vallejo California Sonoma 42
José Antonio Carrillo California Los Angeles 53
Manuel Dominquez California Los Angeles 46
Robert Semple Kentucky Benicia 42
Pacificus Ord Maryland Monterey 33
Edward Gilbert New York San Francisco 27
A.J. Ellis New York San Francisco 33
Miguel de Pedrorena Spain San Diego 41

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  • History of California
    By Hubert Howe Bancroft. San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft, 1884-90. Volume VI, p. 288.
  • A Companion to California
    Newly revised and expanded with illustrations. By James D. Hart. University of California Press, 1987.

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  • California State Archives
    Includes images of the title page and the signature pages, as well as the text of the original Constitution.

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