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Heath Painting at the Downtown Branch Library

Heath Painting at the Downtown Branch Library

The "City of Santa Cruz" painting hangs on the stairway landing near the second floor entrance to the Young People's room at the Downtown Branch.

The Santa Cruz Daily Surf reported, "the picture of the City of Santa Cruz, painted by F. L. Heath for exhibition at the World's Fair was accepted by the jury selection and supped to Chicago, March 31st. On its return it will be the property of the Free Public Library." (p.5) The painting was paid for by public subscription. The Surf articled continued with the names of the donors and the amount that each gave. The cost of the painting, which included $100 for the frame, was $450. The painting was returned to the library by July, 1884.

Frank L. Heath was born in Dallas, Oregon on July 3rd, 1857. He moved to Santa Cruz with his family in 1866. He moved to San Francisco to study art at the San Francisco School of Design, and returned to Santa Cruz 11 years later. Heath hosted a group of art students known as the Jolly Daubers at his studio in Beach Hill. Heath also established the Santa Cruz Art League along with Margaret Rogers in 1919. Frank L. Heath died in Santa Cruz on April 21, 1921.

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    May 5th, 1883 (p. 5 col. 3), and July 7th, 1894 (p. 4).

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