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Did You Know?Did You Know?

Whispering Man Statue

'The Whispering Man' statue stood in Santa Cruz Public Library's Downtown Branch lobby for several years from the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. There are no records of when the statue was installed. According to a Good Times article in 1985, at that time the statue had been at the Downtown Branch for approximately seven years. The statue was created by local artist Robert Dubinsky, who installed the statue at the Downtown Branch "after running out of storage room in his home." The records also do not indicate when the statue was removed, but it is believed to have been prior to 1992. The statue was later sold by the artist.

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Arts and Entertainment, Libraries, Santa Cruz (City)


  • Robert Dubinsky
    Phone conversation, 11/2000.
  • Good Times
    6/6/1985 and 6/27/1985.

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