Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness - Stop. Think. Connect.

Cybersecurity is stronger when we all do our part to keep the internet safe. Whether you are a business owner, a parent, a child, a teacher, a student, or a senior, YOU have an impact on cybersecurity. By practicing strong and safe online habits, you can better protect your identity and the networks you use at home, at work and anywhere you log on.

Join Library IT Manager Lynne Sansevero in one of four cybersecurity workshops designed to help you connect online safely. These four workshops were recorded in January, 2015 at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. The classes are specifically tailored for Parents & Educators, Kids & Teens, Older Community Members & Seniors, and Small Business Owners.

More resources to keep you secure online are available at

CyberSecurity for Parents and Educators


CyberSecurity for Kids 8-15 & Parents

CyberSecurity for Older Adults & Seniors


      CyberSecurity for Small Business

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