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Thursday, September 14

Dr. Barnard's Brain Food for HEALTHY AGING (6:00 PM-7:30 PM)
Location: Downtown Branch

Enjoy a cutting-edge Nutrition and Health Presentation offered by Sandi Rechenmacher, local nutritional consultant, whole foods plant-based chef, and PCRM Food for Life Instructor. She will share Dr. Neal Barnard’s age-defying strategies as explained in his best-selling book, Power Foods for the Brain. Don’t think that your genes dictate your destiny. On the contrary, Barnard’s ‘lifestyle basics’ will turn up your alertness, boost energy levels, and dial in your best immune support in an era of toxic pollutants, harmful foods, and sedentary living. And... it’s simple, easy, effective, and delicious! Sandi will share a Blue Zone treat with all attendees. You’ll be glad that you brought a friend and shared this event!