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Sunday, December 10

Ask Us: Downtown Outreach Worker Office Hours (1:00 PM-3:00 PM)
Location: Downtown Branch

Kris Younggren, and Steven Harrison are Santa Cruz's Downtown Outreach Workers. One or both of them are on the job solving problems in the downtown corridor every day. If you or someone you know is in crisis and doesn't know where to turn, talking with Steven or Kris may help. Speak with Steven or Kris, about housing or wellness or connecting with social services. Drop-in for a confidential check-in during office hours at the Downtown library, in the downstairs small meeting room (behind the computer area). Kris or Steven can help with; a fee free California ID application, a homeward bound bus ticket, a mailing address via the Homeless Services Center (HSC), registration for the HSC campus, connection to Homeless Persons Health Project, housing or job applications, connection to County benefits or Mental Health Services, and more.
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