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  • (California) Unclaimed Property Bulletin Board System
    From the California State Controller's Office. Online, searchable database. Gives type of account, amount, name of reporting institution, name and address of owner of account for unclaimed property in California.
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  • Access Northern California
    Access Northern California (ANC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating greater access to travel and recreational opportunities in Northern California for people with physical disabilities. ANC provides both informational and educational services to consumers and businesses.
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  • Artcyclopedia
    The vast majority of the fine artists in our database specialize in painting and sculpture. We do include other artistic media where possible.
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  • California Coastal Records Project
    Includes over 12,700 photographs of the California coast, from the Oregon to the Mexican borders. Combines map imagery with photographs for easy location identification. Also includes ability to compare current photographs of the coast with photographs taken in 1972.
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  • California Courts: Self-Help Center
    Maintained by the California Courts, offers detailed but understandable legal information and assistance. Topics covered include: Free and Low-Cost Legal Help, Small Claims, Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Emancipation, Special Education, Protection from Abuse, Traffic Tickets and much more.
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  • California Digital Newspaper Collection
    Over 200,000 pages of California newspapers spanning the years 1849-1911: the Alta California, 1849-1891; the San Francisco Call, 1893-1910; the Amador Ledger, 1900-1911; the Imperial Valley Press, 1901-1911; the Sacramento Record-Union, 1859-1890; and the Los Angeles Herald, 1905-1907. Additional years and newspapers are forthcoming.
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  • California State Parks
    Searchable by city, county, region, name. Gives address, phone number, directions, hours, activities, description.
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  • California Superior Court EZLegalFile
    Helps people fill out the forms for a variety of legal issues. Topics include: Family Law, Small Claims, Evictions, Domestic Violence and Guardianship.
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  • Constitution of the State of California
    Full Text. Searchable by table of contents and keyword.
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  • Ed-Data
    The Education Data Partnership is a collaboration of the Alameda County Office of Education, the California Department of Education, EdSource, and the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team. Ed-Data provides Base API reports at the school, district, and statewide level. You can also "Compare Schools" and "Compare Districts" to see how your school or district stacks up against others in the state. The School Characteristics Index (SCI), a number used to identify a school's demographics and challenges, is now available in each school's Base and Growth API reports.
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  • LawHelpCalifornia
    Provides low-income Californians with easy online access to basic legal resources and attorney information. LawHelpCalifornia DOES NOT provide direct legal services. Topics covered include: Legal Aid, Landlord/Tenant, Foreclosure, Abuse/Violence, Restraining Orders, and more.
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  • Member Records Online
    From the State Bar of California. Searchable by name. Gives address, phone number, fax, e-mail, education, disciplinary action.
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  • PG&E Gas Transmission Pipelines
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company has released an interactive map that can help you to learn more about pipelines in your neighborhood. The site also provides information about gas pipeline safety.
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  • Social Studies Fact Cards: California Edition
    Fact Cards are a series of research resources designed for quick reference for students in grades 4 through 8. For the past ten years, printed Fact Cards have been used extensively in California elementary and middle schools, as well as in public libraries. A presentation style that offers quick facts in manageable portions makes Fact Cards the ideal reference resource for students who are just beginning to learn research procedures.
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  • Your Public Law Library
    Organizes California legal resources designed for persons who choose to represent themselves in court without the help of an attorney. Also provides direct access to the AskNow law librarian service which lets people in California ask legal questions and get answers in real time via the internet from law librarians around the state.
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  • YP Real Yellow Pages
    Access records from the Real Yellow Pages online. Beginning in July 2013 some directories in California will not include residential white page listings. All white page listings may be viewed at To obtain a free printed copy or CD ROM of your local residential white pages, please call 1-866-329-7118 or visit Your one time request will be honored for future editions.
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