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  • Access Video On Demand
    Enjoy instant access to world-class documentaries, award-winning educational films, independent films, and helpful instructional videos. All you need is Internet access and a valid library card number! iPad, Android, PC and Mac friendly.
    Browse related subjects: Art, Business, Consumers, Do-It-Yourself, Education, Environment, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Recreation, Religion, Travel
  • Global Issues in Context
    Global Issues in Context uses a wealth of resources to explain the historical and contemporary conditions necessary to understand global issues, conflicts and events. Global Issues in Context supports research in virtually every corner of the library and in a wide variety of subject areas, including sociology, current events, civics, politics, science, economics, cultural/religious studies, women’s studies, human rights, English composition and many more.Use the interactive map to search by geography, or browse by issue, country or region.
    Browse related subjects: Education, Environment, Government, News, Politics
  • Greenfile
    Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. The database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 535,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 5,800 records.
    Browse related subjects: Agriculture, Environment, Science
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale Cengage)
    A full-text database that covers multiple sides of current social issues such as immigration, abortion, drugs and capital punishment. Students can search through viewpoint essays, articles, reference sources, websites, academic journals, and statistics to find information for reports and papers. Includes video, audio streams and podcasts, interactive maps, national and global news sources updated daily, interactive maps, image gallery
    Browse related subjects: News, Pro/Con, Social Issues, Teen Homework Help
  • Rand California
    Provides demographics from the state level down to the local level, including statistics for a range of years. Allows for some customization.
    Browse related subjects: Government, Social Issues, Statistics

Recommended Websites

  • Activism News
    This site is a continuously updated collection of activism-related news stories from 50,000 sources across the web. Features include activism forum and blogs, polls, headlines and in-depth news coverage on a wide range of current topics. Provided by Topix, leading online news community.
    Browse related subjects: Social Issues
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
    Extensive coverage of a variety of social issues including criminal justice, the death penalty, free speech, HIV/AIDS, immigrants' rights, lesbian & gay rights, racial equality, and much more. You can find out what is happening on a number of these issues in Congress, in the courts, and in the ACLU. You can also become a member of the ACLU and use their library to find additional resources.
    Browse related subjects: Social Issues
  • Cafe Progressive
    Helpful starting place when looking for information about community action from a progressive point of vies. Topics include: education reform, alternative politics, multicultural community, and a huge collection of progressive resources. Site includes progressive on-line news resources, chat room, forums, and links to many other progressive Web resources.
    Browse related subjects: Social Issues
  • Environmental Issues
    An Internet guide for environmental issues, with feature articles, Website links, and discussion forums. Topics covered include air pollution, recycling, endangered species, acid rain, ozone depletion, water & wetlands, renewable energy, forestry, food issues, population, biodiversity, nuclear waste, and more.
    Browse related subjects: Environment, Infrastructure, Social Issues
  • Global Warming
    This site, maintained by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), offers comprehensive information on the issues of global warming and climate change in an understandable, interesting and meaningful way. Topics covered include: greenhouse emissions, health effects, US policy, scientific studies, and action suggestions for Americans of all ages.
    Browse related subjects: Environment, Social Issues
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
    Site is full of useful information on a number of animal rights issues, along with research projects and results, investigations and rescues, factsheets on a variety of animal-related topics, articles from PETA publications, an animal cruelty-free shopping guide, and compassionate recipes.
    Browse related subjects: Animals, Social Issues
  • Public Agenda
    For over a quarter of a century, Public Agenda has been providing unbiased and unparalleled research that bridges the gap between American leaders and what the public really thinks. Covers many important current issues such as education, race, health care, crime, the economy, the environment, abortion, social security, internet speech and privacy, and the right to die. Balanced and easy-to-understand.
    Browse related subjects: Social Issues

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Mount Bielawski is the highest point in Santa Cruz County with an elevation of 3,231 feet. It is located on Castle Rock Ridge, and was named in 1861 after Captain Casimir Bielawski of the Surveyor General's Office.


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