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Bleeding Blue Blood
by Crystal V., age 19

I walk through empty halls
With eyes staring at my flaws
And I feel my hands sweat as the walls expand
Pictures appear with faces I know best
But what about the rest?
The floor lowered 6 feet into the world
And there I saw the girl
I wasn't alone
And when she spoke
I heard a familiar tone that sounded like home
So I looked to see her bleeding blue blood
But the color made me warm inside
And I'm unsure as to why she looked hurt
Her eyes were burnt bruised black
So she turned towards me and I watched her eyes lift to mine
And softly her dry lips told me "I was fine."
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
She was me
And I was dead, why was this happening to me?
Her lips moved so shaky but the words she said
I knew would save me
I was face to face with someone I never knew
She was dying and I didn't know what to do.
I touched her and I felt complete, like a whole
And she's hurt by how long it took for me to see it all
I have to love me before anyone else
And I showed me
Who I am
All by myself.