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Teens @ SCPL Teen Art & Lit — Writing

by Whitney J., age 16

To love is a joy
a wonderful thing,
and yet so fragile
like a dragonfly wing.

And like a wing
it'll lift you up,
fill your heart
like you fill a cup.

Yet that cup can be poured
it can drip or spill,
it can harden like ice
in a sudden chill

It can crack and break
and all fall apart,
and that love of yours
can soon depart.

The joy turns to sorrow
the wing stops it's flight,
your heart hurts to beat
the world looks less bright.

But light comes with dark
and a rose with a thorn,
you can rebuild your love
even if it's been torn.

Love's worth the pain
that's the reason why,
I'll get up when I fall
and continue to fly.