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Teens @ SCPL Teen Art & Lit — Writing

Read what other Santa Cruz County teens are writing.... Do you have some poetry or short stories you'd like to submit? Read over the submission guidelines for more information.

I walk through empty halls
With eyes staring at my flaws
And I feel my hands sweat as the walls expand
Pictures appear with faces I know best
But what about the rest?
The floor ...
by Crystal V., age 19   [Read more]
atop the rolling water
caressing my sides
making ripples against
the Black Curtains of My Mind
through green and lively trees
ground so springy
their leafs softly brushing
the ...
by Whitney J., age 16   [Read more]
I ripped up your letters and threw them away
Memories of you I didn't want to stay
I was too shy to talk, too scared to look
I said good bye and your heart I took
by Whitney J., age 16   [Read more]
My first time in this class, I'm curled in the corner
It's weird to be back in this room

I really don't know anyone, we ignore each other
My friends sit next to ...
by Whitney J., age 16   [Read more]
To love is a joy
a wonderful thing,
and yet so fragile
like a dragonfly wing.

And like a wing
it'll lift you up,
fill your heart
by Whitney J., age 16   [Read more]