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My first time in this class, I'm curled in the corner
It's weird to be back in this room

I really don't know anyone, we ignore each other
My friends sit next to me as I continue to write

I ...
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by Lloyd Alexander


Westmark is the first book of the Westmark Trilogy. The name of the author alone should be enough to make you read it. Lloyd Alexander is one of the best authors I know of, well deserving his title Grand Master of Fantasy. Westmark is an excellent book, winner of the American Book Award. Set approximately in 1800th century Europe, it is a story of a printer's apprentice (or devil, as they called them then) who accepts some printing work which sets off a chain reaction resulting in his fleeing for his life & ending up with a bumbling con artist, dwarf, and street urchin.

Reviewed by TheWordsmith on Jul 21, 2011
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