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My first time in this class, I'm curled in the corner
It's weird to be back in this room

I really don't know anyone, we ignore each other
My friends sit next to me as I continue to write

I ...
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Five Children and It
by Edith Nesbit

Five Children and It

Although best known for The Railway Children, E. Nesbit is one of the great masters of the Fairytale genre, alongside such geniuses as Christopher Paolini (Eragon) and C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia.) But these stories existed before the Narnia books. It was Nesbit who invented the idea of children of the (then) current time period encountering magic of past traditions. Like the immortal Narnia books, E. Nesbit’s novelettes are easy reading and rather tame, intended for children. At the same time, the plots are riveting, the characters are well realized, and comedy enlivens the stories. Wet Magic and The Enchanted Castle are good examples, but The Five Children and It is among Nesbit’s greatest achievements. The premise: five children (duh) encounter a comical, grumpy being who grants wishes, but the wishes seem to only lead to trouble and often danger. Full of charm and well worth reading, whatever your age. The Five Children and It is relevant to today, as similar books like Harry Potter continue to hit the shelves and fly off, continuing the tradition E. Nesbit began.

Reviewed by OraclesOfFire on Jul 22, 2011
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