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The Forest of Hands and Teeth
by Carrie Ryan

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Zombies are really big these days. Maybe not as attractive as vampires, but they represent the dark side of undead lore. In this book, set in a post-apocalyptic world, we are introduced to a young girl named Mary, who lives in a tiny village surrounded by a chain link fence. Beyond the village exists the "forest of hands and teeth" which is home to the unconsecrated aka the zombies. Mary's world is ruled by a religious sect known as the Sisterhood, who oversee everything from marriage to funerals. They also promise protection from the unconsecrated. That is until a weak link in the fence releases the unconsecrated upon the village, and forces Mary and her friends to flee into the fence-lined paths of the forest, in a desperate search for a safe haven, and a hope that the ocean Mary's mother always told her about actually exists. This story is both touching and a little scary. It adds a kind of emotional factor you can't really feel in zombie movies.

Reviewed by empressrose on Mar 9, 2010
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Pretty Little Devils
by Nancy Holder

Pretty Little Devils

Pretty Little Devils is about a girl who is about and becomes one of the most popular girls in school. Only once you get into it I'm pretty sure it's not a God-send. This book is about the tale of a girl and joining the PLD's and finding out what it's like to be at the top in the middle of a crisis. Will the deaths at her school ever stop? Who is behind it all? This book will keep you guessing til the very last page.

Reviewed by snowbunnie on Mar 2, 2010
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