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by Gregory Maguire


Ready for fast-paced action, unlikely romances, and a whole new outlook on Oz? Set in the well-known but not well-understood- as you will see in this book- Land of Oz we can all recall from Frank Baum's classic Wizard of Oz, Wicked is a deep and multi-layered story of the truth behind the Wicked Witch of the West, the ruby slippers, and who the Wizard really is.
Its elegant prose and richly descriptive imagery lead you on an adventure that starts in a Munchkinland minster's house, where a green-skinned, shark-toothed child has just been born, and further, through Elphaba's college years, unlucky romances, and finally to her finale as the misunderstood, brilliant, shunned Wicked Witch of the West.
This book will give you a whole new outlook on the meaning of the word "wicked" and a deeply touching, can't-put-it-down read at the same time.

Reviewed by milkandcookiemonster on May 30, 2009
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