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"Western tales, together with detective stories, were something of an addiction. [Yeats' daughter] remembered how once in a delirious fever he shouted out, "Send for the Sheriff!""

from Yeats by Frank Tuohy

Written about William Butler Yeats, in "Yeats"

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Basically delicious

Ken Hom's Top 100 Stir-fry Recipes

Title: Ken Hom's Top 100 Stir-fry Recipes
By: Ken Hom

Ken Hom knows his business. In this wonderful book there are many great recipes, both the usual and unusual, all with excellent pictures. I've tried over a dozen, and they're all terrific. But the best thing about the book isn't any of the 100 recipes; it’s the "basics" section at the back of book. That's where Mr Hom tells us how to make the "base" of any great stir fry, the sauce. Black Bean, Oyster, Garlic; the making of these and more is explained step-by-step. I've made those three, and they were all delicious, as good as or better than my favorite Chinese restaurant’s. I love this book so much, I bought a copy. Enjoy!

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Posted by Michael H. on Jan. 1, 2014 at midnight


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