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"A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition. Like money, books must be kept in constant circulation. Lend and borrow to the maximum -- of both books and money! But especially books, for books represent infinitely more than money. A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold."

— Henry Miller

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The Snow Child

Title: The Snow Child
By: Eowyn Ivey

The Snow Child is the first novel by Alaskan Eowyn Ivey. Set in Alaska in the 1920s, it is a retelling of a Russian folktale. In the traditional tale, a childless couple makes a little girl out of snow, and she comes to life. In Ivey’s novel, hardworking homesteaders Mabel and Jack make a snowgirl; but does she really come to life? Or is Faina, the girl they come to love, just a half-wild neighbor child? Ivey leaves this question open to the end of the novel. Realists can enjoy Ivey’s vivid description of the Alaskan landscape and wildlife and the hardships of homesteading in that lonely setting. Fans of magical realism will enjoy the ambiguity of the story. Is Faina real, or just a figment of Mabel’s imagination? And if she is real, where did she come from? Readers will have to make up their own minds. Having thoroughly enjoyed this first effort from Eowyn Ivey, I hope she will follow it up with something just as magical.

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