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"For my totem, the alley cat. We share the situation of small predators who easily become prey. I have my equivalent of claws and teeth, and indeed my arched back and loud hiss are my best defenses. When I need to hide my size and weakness, I can look fiercer than I am, but when I cannot talk or threaten or argue my way out of trouble, then I am in a lot of trouble. We are scavengers in the alleys and streets of a society we do not control and scarcely influence. We survive and perish both by taking lovers. Freedom is a daily necessity like water, and we love most loyally and longest those who allow us at least occasionally to vanish and wander the curious night. To them we always return from the eight deaths before the last."

from Braided Lives by Marge Piercy

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A Discovery of Great Supernatural Fiction

A Discovery of Witches

Title: A Discovery of Witches
By: Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches presents a world where witches, daemons, and vampires live among humans virtually unnoticed. Diana Bishop is a historian and descendant of Bridget Bishop, the first witch executed in the Salem Witch Trials. Diana discovers an enchanted manuscript which intersects the histories of the supernatural creatures, drawing the interest of dangerous forces which set their will against the protagonist. Having turned away from her magical heritage long ago, Diana has, until now, relied on science and intellect in her endeavors. Upon finding the manuscript, something awakens in her and she can no longer ignore her power. A complex relationship develops with a handsome 1,500 year old vampire named Matthew, with whom she works to unravel both the personal mystery surrounding her identity and heritage, and the mystery of the manuscript. Containing elements of mystery, romance, science fiction (including time travel), and thriller, Deborah Harness has created a richly well written and entertaining story with compelling characters. The first in the “All Souls Trilogy”, its cliff hanger ending will leave you wanting more. Good thing book 2, “Shadow of Night” is scheduled to be released in July 2012.

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Posted by cowend on April 4, 2012 at 1:03 p.m.
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