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"For my totem, the alley cat. We share the situation of small predators who easily become prey. I have my equivalent of claws and teeth, and indeed my arched back and loud hiss are my best defenses. When I need to hide my size and weakness, I can look fiercer than I am, but when I cannot talk or threaten or argue my way out of trouble, then I am in a lot of trouble. We are scavengers in the alleys and streets of a society we do not control and scarcely influence. We survive and perish both by taking lovers. Freedom is a daily necessity like water, and we love most loyally and longest those who allow us at least occasionally to vanish and wander the curious night. To them we always return from the eight deaths before the last."

from Braided Lives by Marge Piercy

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Big Bend mystery national park


Title: Borderline
By: Nevada Barr

Borderline is Nevada Barr’s fifteenth novel about a talented woman Park Ranger named Anna Pigeon. This mystery is fast-paced, engrossing and exciting to read. The author, through her character, Anna, interweaves many insights regarding the meaning of life, aging, death and the hereafter.

Ms. Pigeon is trying to cope with a post traumatic stress disorder resulting from her harrowing, near- death experience at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. Anna and her husband, Paul, take a vacation going on a fun and, supposedly relaxing, river rafting trip in Big Bend National Park. The couple find themselves getting entangled in something far more dangerous. Ms. Barr aptly describes what it is like to go on a white water rafting trip. Her characterizations of the highly competent female river guide and other rafters are both humorous and engaging.

After the rafters manage to get through some dangerous rapids, they find a pregnant woman who is just barely alive and trapped between several boulders in some branches along the bank of the river. The Hispanic woman knows she is dying and tells Anna to take her baby. Ranger Anna Pigeon uses her emergency medical training to perform a C-section, with a jackknife, and delivers the infant. Ms. Pigeon is surprised to find herself becoming extremely attached to the child. But was the woman's death just another tragic border crossing accident or something more? To find out how Anna begins to heal while unraveling this mystery, read Borderline.

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