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"In a very real sense, people who have read good literature have lived more than people who cannot or will not read. It is not true that we have only one life to lead; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish. "

— S.I. Hayakawa

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Watching The Oscars Will Never Be The Same.

The Big Show : High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage at the Academy Awards

Title: The Big Show : High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage at the Academy Awards
By: Steve Pond

All the in-fighting and back-stabbing and shocking shenanigans of Hollywood and the behind-the-scenes gossip of the biggest show we all love to watch! Written by an observer extraordinaire who loves juicy gossip as much as we do. Now I know just how quirky the hosts can be, and it's the stories of the show's producers that are so fascinating. You will learn how incredibly difficult it is to put this television show together. Published in 2005, Mr. Pond has simply got to revise and update this book.

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Posted by pollockl on May 12, 2009 at 9:24 a.m.


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