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SoundSwell Local Music Project


The Santa Cruz Public Libraries (SCPL) and Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios (SCRS) are working together on a project to expand access to local music in a way that compensates and respects the art of the musician. SoundSwell: Santa Cruz Public Libraries Local Music Project is beginning construction on a streaming database of local music that library cardholders can download for free. The library respects the time and money it takes to create your work and hopes to buy licenses for these albums for download by our patrons directly from you, the musical artist.

We are lucky to have such a vibrant local music scene which contributes to the unique cultural identity of Santa Cruz. SCPL wants to help the creators of our local culture to connect with each other, connect with the community, disseminate their art, and contribute to the historical record of Santa Cruz. To this end, SCPL’s SoundSwell project also seeks to establish an historical archive of local music.

SCPL would like to discuss the possibility of licensing your music for inclusion in the SoundSwell Local Music Database. You can find more information about the project at the Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios blog:

Please contact Diane Cowen of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (information below) or Jenn Gallacher of Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios ( 831.425.7277) by phone or email for more information and to discuss licensing.

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Posted by teeterj on June 28, 2013 at 3 p.m.



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