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Library Phone Numbers Changed!


Effective July 21, 2010, new phone numbers for the Central Branch, Library Administration, and all System-Wide Services take effect. New phone numbers for all branch libraries in the system will follow sometime in August. The reason for this change is that the library has implemented a new phone system. This new phone system will save the library a substantial amount of money over the previous system.


Some Frequently Used New Numbers are:

  • Telephone Renewals/Teleservice: 471-9750
  • Telephone Reference: 427-7713
  • Library Administration: 427-7706
  • Central Branch: 427-7707
    press 5 to speak to staff

Take a look at the Library Phone Directory to see the new numbers.


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Posted by cowend on July 21, 2010 at 11:36 a.m.


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