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Book Reviews in Category 'Four and Five Star Reads'

Radio Girl
by Carol Brendler

Radio Girl

Very good but the beginning was a little boring. But I still loved it!

Reviewed by Olivia on Aug 21, 2013

The Princess School: If The Shoe Fits
by Sarah Hines Stephens

The Princess School: If The Shoe Fits

Sarah Hines Stephens has done an excellent job with this book. The main character is an unfortunate girl named Ella, (Cinderella) and she arrives at Princess School in rags and barefoot. She envies the other girls, who have perfect teeth, hair, dresses, and parents. Ella lives with mean, ugly stepsisters, and a mean, ugly stepmother. But at Princess School, she discovers friends that will stick with her and help her pull through hard times. In the end, Rapunzel, Snow, and Rose help Ella attend the ball and she has a wonderful time. The writing is easy and clear, and there are many humorous and ironic twists to the story. I highly recommend "If The Shoe Fits".

Reviewed by Dudette on Aug 20, 2012

All of A Kind Family
by Sydney Taylor

All of A Kind Family

All of A kind Family by Sydney Taylor is a very well written book. It is about five sisters living on the eve of World War 1. Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie get along well (most of the time) and they all enjoy being an all of a kind family. The reading is simple and enjoyable, and the storyline entertaining and very interesting. Girls, (and boys) of all ages will love this innocent story. The five sisters find adventure in everything, from dusting the furniture, to going to the library or market with Mama. In the end, there is a surprise that will please readers, while reading this book will make you want to read the next one in the series.
There is something for everyone in All of A Kind Family!

Reviewed by Dudette on Aug 17, 2012

The Boxcar Children
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children is mysterious and cool! There are a lot of books in this series. My favorite is The Chocolate Sundae Mystery.
So, there are 4 children. First is Henry. He's 14, is good and takes on the responsibilities of being the oldest. Then Jessie, she's 12 and is very organized. she likes challenges. Violet is shy, sweet, likes art and photography and is 10. Benny is 6, is a jokester and is always hungry! My favorite is Violet.
It is exciting to see all the clues put together in the end. I really like these books! Give it a try and read them!

Reviewed by JollyJenny on Sep 11, 2011

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream
by Suzanne Weyn

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream is about a young girl about 13, who's name is Taylor. Her nextdoor neighbor is animal rescue lady, who has a call about a horse and pony abandoned, but she knows nothing about them. Thankfully Taylor knows a lot about horses and ponies! Taylor falls in love with a tan pony named tinkerbell and a black gelding named Albert. She wants them so bad, but her single mom can't possibly afford it! All along it's a great book for a horse loving girl!

Reviewed by whittakerrae on Oct 7, 2010

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