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Book Reviews in Category 'Animal Stories'

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream
by Suzanne Weyn

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream

Wildwood Stables Daring to Dream is about a young girl about 13, who's name is Taylor. Her nextdoor neighbor is animal rescue lady, who has a call about a horse and pony abandoned, but she knows nothing about them. Thankfully Taylor knows a lot about horses and ponies! Taylor falls in love with a tan pony named tinkerbell and a black gelding named Albert. She wants them so bad, but her single mom can't possibly afford it! All along it's a great book for a horse loving girl!

Reviewed by whittakerrae on Oct 7, 2010

Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories
by Jim LaMarche

Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories

Perfect for young dog lovers, each of the stories in this book by local author/illustrator Jim LaMarche has a happy ending. Molly is a golden retriever who helps her young mistress find her way home after the running away to the woods. Ginger is a terrier who disappears after chasing a deer into the woods, leaving her sad young master and his dad to return home from their hike without her. Yuki is a Siberian Husky who is found by a boy who would love to keep him, but his mom doesn’t have the resources to care for a dog. Beautifully illustrated in colored pencil and acrylic wash.

Reviewed by BarbaraGordon on May 27, 2010

White Fang
by Jack London

White Fang

This book is touching, exciting, adventurous, and a tear-jerker (at times). I read this book in class during SSR (Silent Surround Reading), and I started crying at one of the sad parts! I tried to hide it but, my friends could sense it right away. It was a really great book, 5 stars *****, I recommend it HIGHLY. If you are not a big reader this is not the book for you.

Reviewed by bernie on Mar 13, 2008

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