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  • Household Products Database
    Special features: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for more than 6000 household products; find out about ingredients, health effects and handling tips; searchable by product name or ingredients. From: NLM / NIH.
    Browse related subjects: ecology, environment, household safety, product safety, recommended website, research, toxins
    Special features: Allows users to create nationwide or local area maps showing where TRI chemicals are released on-site into the air, water, and ground; identification of releasing facilities, release amounts for a single year; locations of Superfund sites on the National Priority List; online instructional tour for users. From: NLM / NIH.
    Browse related subjects: ecology, environment, recommended website, toxins


  • Health and Wellness Resource Center
    Provides health-related information from more than 700 health/medical journals and hundreds of pamphlets (many with full text), 2,200 magazines, and various reference sources.