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Banana Slug

The Banana Slug, native to the Northwest, can grow to a length of 8 inches, with a few giants reaching 10 inches and weights of a quarter of a pound. Banana Slugs are usually bright yellow with a shape somewhat resembling a banana; they may also be green, black, brown, ... [More]

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Computer and Internet Tutorials     Printable PDF Version

Whether you have never touched a computer or used the Internet before, need to become more familiar with a program like Microsoft Word, or want tips for developing more effective strategies for searching the Internet, you will find helpful links to tutorials and guides here that will help you expand your computer and Internet skills.

Basic Computer Skills

  • The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Using the Computer
    This is a good place to start if you're new to using a computer. This tutorial goes over the basics of using the mouse, recognizing computer components, maintaining correct posture, using the keyboard, and navigating tabs and windows. Includes exercises and quizzes.
  • New User Tutorial
    From the TLN Technology Committee, more basics on using a computer. Includes practice.
  • Computer Basics
    A guide that includes lessons, video tutorials, articles and quizzes on basic computer knowledge such as using a desktop or laptop computer, identifying basic equipment and components, connecting to the Internet, and basic maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

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Computer Programs

  • Microsoft Office Guides
    This guide includes lessons, video tutorials, articles and quizzes that will help you use programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access that are part of Microsoft Office versions 2000-2010. Also provides general overviews of Microsoft Windows 98, XP and 7.
  • Open Office Writer Getting Started Guide
    The Santa Cruz Public Libraries provide Open Office Writer for word processing on their public Internet terminals. This guide will help you get started using the program.

  • Easy Excel Tutorial
    This site provides step by step, easy to follow instructions on how to use Excel 2010 or Excel 2007 for beginning and intermediate users. Learn how to create templates, perform data validation, use formulas and functions, and more!

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Email Basics

  • Email 101 Includes lessons with an introduction to using email applications as well as some email etiquette pointers.
  • Gmail An introduction to Gmail, a popular email service. Includes lessons on setting up an account, using Gmail, and managing your mail.
  • El correo electr├│nico de un vistazo El correo electrónico (también conocido comúnmente por su denominación en inglés, "e-mail") es, con diferencia, el servicio más popular de Internet. Aprenda a usarlo para comunicarse como un profesional en sólo 10 minutos.

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Internet Basics

  • Internet 101
    A guide designed for new Internet users. Provides a general overview of the Internet, connecting to the Internet, and using browsers and search engines.
  • Learn the Net in Espa├▒ol
    Una guía para los fundamentos del uso de Internet.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    A guide with lessons, articles and a quiz on the basics of using Mozilla Firefox including setting options, using tabs, and making modifications.
  • Basic Search Techniques
    A how-to guide for creating productive searches on Internet search engines.

  • JobScout online learning platform
    JobScout is an online social gaming platform designed to teach job seekers invaluable digital literacy skills. JobScout is a friendly entry point into the online world for all users despite their experience level with computers or the internet. JobScout's lessons will range from an introduction to the basic language of the internet to preparing and uploading a resume and everything in between.

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Getting More Out of the Internet

  • Google Accounts
    Learn about the array of applications available through Google accounts, such as Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Reader.
  • Social Media
    Tutorials on using popular social media applications like Skype, Twitter and Facebook.
  • How to Use a Search Tool
    Details how to choose the right search engine for your needs.
  • Developing a Search Strategy
    A more advanced guide that details a five-step searching strategy for searching the Internet.
  • Finding Scholarly Content on the Web
    Information on finding scholarly content on the Internet, mostly for free.
  • Grovo
    An online education and training platform that contains over 800 tutorials to help users to navigate the most popular and useful sites on the web such as Facebook, Google Apps, Linkedin, Yelp and Amazon. Requires registration.

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