50Plus - Computers & Technology

Information about online classes, tutorials, tips and assistive technology.

  • 50somethinginfo.com
    Information on a wide variety of topics geared towards users 50 and over, curated and sorted by a real-life librarian and her team of assistants. 50somethinginfo.com is intended for those who didn’t grow up with computers and the internet, but still want to use them to find reliable information and to enhance their lives.
  • AARP: Computers and Technology
    Technology news, tips, and product recommendations from AARP. Classes are offered, and group forums are available for discussion of specific areas, such as video and web page design.
  • cRANKy
    Age-relevant search engine for people 50+. Top four results for search term are displayed; anyone may use cRANKy, but only Eons members are allowed to rank sites. Site provides helpful selection of alternative search terms.
  • Learn Free: Computer Training
    Helpful online tutorials cover: Internet, Open Source, Office 2000-03, Life Skills and Windows.
  • Learn the Net
    Lessons for basic internet use. Wide range of more advanced topics including: tips for online shopping; sharing digital photos; downloading music or audiobooks to an MP-3 player; webcam and instant messaging; how to use blogs, wikis and more.

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