50Plus - US Government Resources

Find information in different ways: by agency, topic or type of service.

  • Consumer Protection for Seniors
    Find out more about consumer fraud, elder rights, advocates for nursing home residents, etc.
  • Education, Jobs and Volunteerism for Seniors
    Find out more about adult education, AARP working options, Senior Corps, Foster Grandparents, etc.
  • End-of-Life Issues
    Topics include: advance directives, estate planning, hospice, elder care at home, etc.
  • Federal and State Agencies for Seniors
    More than 25 federal agencies represented, along with links to state agencies and locators. Easy to use: just click on any agency and you will be taken directly to its senior topics/services.
  • Health for Seniors
    Topics include: Medicare, Medicaid, senior wellness, disease and injury, doctor and dentist directories, etc.
  • Housing for Seniors
    Find out about reverse mortgages, age-related home modification, eldercare at home or in an assisted living facility.
  • Laws and Regulations Concerning Seniors
    Find out about major laws affecting seniors; topics include: Medicare, Social Security, and age discrimination.
  • Money and Taxes for Seniors
    Information about estate counseling, tax preparation and counseling, suggested ways to save money, wise investing, and more. Those interested in tax topics may also check "Topics for Seniors and Retirees" from the IRS.
  • Retirement
    Topics include: pension plans, benefits calculator, Social Security, working after retirement, etc.
  • Senior Citizens' Resources from USA.gov
    This site serves as a gateway to official information and services available to seniors from all agencies of the US government. Application forms for various programs, along with fact sheets, reports and related links are provided. This up-to-date, well-organzed site is searchable by topic or agency.

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