50Plus - Travel & Education

  • Access-Able Travel
    Wide range of information about vacations/travel for mature adults as well as those with special needs. Topics include: cruises, world destinations, service animals, and travel tips/tales.
  • Elderhostel
    High quality, affordable, educational adventures for adults who are 55 and older.
  • Mapquest
    Get door-to-door or city-to-city driving directions, mileage and maps. Also, link to a free, interactive street atlas of the continental United States.
  • Senior Summer School
    Information about senior travel programs that offer active and adventurous seniors, boomers, and retirees an affordable opportunity to enhance their summer through leisure, education, and discovery, at campus locations across the United States.
  • Senior Travel
    This website from Access Travel features lots of travel tips, discounts and deals just for seniors.
  • Senior Women's Travel
    Targeting the “50-plus woman with a passion for travel,” this organization offers itineraries which include museums, art, literature and fine dining.
  • Seniors Home Exchange
    Information about home exchange program exclusively for adults over 50.
  • Suddenly Senior Travel
    Seniors can start their travel planning here. Features destinations of interest to seniors with travel tips, discounts, bargains and stories, plus links to a large number of reliable providers for online trip booking.
  • Wired Senior's Travel Guide
    Links to vendors offering travel discounts to older adults. From the Discount Mall of the Wired Seniors website.

Tease Your Brain!

It was vacation time, and so I decided to visit my cousin's home. In the mornings, we both would go for a jog. The evenings were spent on the tennis court. Tiring as these activities were, we could manage only one per day, i.e., either we went for a jog or played tennis each day. There were days when we felt lazy and stayed home all day long.

Now, there were 9 mornings when we did nothing, 14 evenings when we stayed at home, and a total of 13 days when we jogged or played tennis. How many days did I stay at my cousin's place?