50Plus - Social Networking

  • Eons
    Social networking website designed for people over 50. Features include brain games, interest groups, blogs,and more.
  • Multiply
    Mulitply is a secure and easy shopping and media sharing site. Share information and opinions about products and services, or open up your own free online storefront.
  • Senior Women Web
    "An Uncommon Site for the Uncommon Woman." Designed to meet the needs and interests of women over fifty, this site features book and poetry reviews, plus links to sites for home shopping, senior beauty, gardening, relationships, and many more topics of interest.
  • SeniorNet
    This site provides adults over 50 with a wide range of special informational resources: tips and tutorials which teach computer technologies and skills; lifelong learning opportunities through online enrichment centers, bulletin boards and round table discussions.
  • Suddenly Senior
    Website is folksy and light-hearted but filled with interesting information, humor, and nostalgia. Also includes selection of "222 Best Senior Sites" which is updated daily and features many unique and helpful not referenced elsewhere. The site also provides a forum for readers to talk to one another on a variety of topics.
  • ThirdAge
    Magazine-style information for pre-retirees and midlife adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Focus is on redefining the concept of aging to include lifelong learning, self-development, fulfillment, personal growth and enrichment.
  • Wired Seniors
    More than 5,000 lifestyle links of interest to adults over 50; includes travel guide, discount mall, old time radio, and Seniors-Helping-Seniors.

Tease Your Brain!

1940's-50's Trivia: Can you choose the correct answer:

- In 1943, the world's largest office building, ________________ is completed.
(The White House, the Capitol Building, Buckingham Palace, or the Pentagon)

- In 1944, scientists at ___________________ invent the first automatic general-purpose computer.
(Harvard University, University of Virginia, UCLA, or Yale University)

- In 1950, the comic strip ____________ was started.
(Garfield, Dilbert, Simpsons, or Peanuts)