50Plus - Local Help & Information

  • Local Help & Information for Seniors
    The library's Community Information Database can help you find agencies and organizations in Santa Cruz County which offer programs, support or further information which may be of be of help or interest to seniors. Click on this link to search the CID.
  • SCPL Senior Outreach Services
    The Santa Cruz Public Library's Senior Outreach Service provides books and other library materials for seniors who are unable to get to libraries themselves. They also offer library-related programs at various residences for seniors.

Tease Your Brain!

Presidential Trivia: Can you answer these questions?

- Which president was born with the name "Leslie King" (Gerald Ford or Harry Truman)?

Who was the first president to die in office (Franklin D. Roosevelt or William Harrison)?

- President Tyler had more children than any other president - how many (10 or 15)?


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