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How can I donate to the library?

You may bring book and media donations to any branch library. Please call the branch first to insure there is adequate space to receive your donation.

Gifts, donations, and Bequests can be directed to the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. The donation of books, media, as well as cash and/or security donations given to the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries do qualify as charitable contributions under the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Friends may be given to support their organization in its efforts to support library service system-wide, for specific projects, monetary gifts in various forms directly benefit the book and media fund, or for services at a particular branch.

You Can Do That @ the Library?!

We will help you to recycle it

The Libraries accept cell phones and chargers, PDAs, pagers, books, videos and music CDs--and some branches will even take your used batteries. Ask at your nearest branch to find out what they will accept for recycling.

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