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Did You Know?Did You Know? - Browsing "recreation"

For ordinances concerning nudity on city beaches, contact the city police department. For county beaches, call the sheriff's office. For ... [Read more]

Here is a list of beaches in the Santa Cruz County area.

Capitola BeachCapitola475-6522
Davenport Landing Beach AccessDavenport454-7956
Read more]

2007 Santa Cruz County Bikeways map can be downloaded from the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC) website. This ... [Read more]

The Cake Walk was a popular dance among plantation slaves and eventually made the transition to minstrel shows. It was ... [Read more]

Remnants of the "S.S. Palo Alto." The 435-foot ship was built of concrete by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Co. just ... [Read more]

On Location in Santa Cruz County is an extensive list of films shot entirely or partially in Santa Cruz County. ... [Read more]

Tourist information for the Santa Cruz area is provided by:

Downtown Association: Downtown Information Center
1126 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, ... [Read more]

Are you interested in a volunteer vacation this year? Check these websites for ideas and information:

The American Hiking Society
Read more]