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A list of California governors from 1769 to the present.

Governors of California when California belonged to Spain, 1767 - ... [Read more]

The honorary title of Poet Laureate was first used in England in the 1600s. "Laureate" refers to the ancient Greek ... [Read more]

Prior to 1861 the Secretary of State was the ex officio State Librarian. By an act approved March 8, 1861, ... [Read more]

General Information

State Capital: Sacramento
Date California Admitted as a State: September 9, 1850
State Motto: "Eureka" (Greek for "I ... [Read more]

Chief Seattle is known for a speech he gave to the Washington territorial governor in 1854 regarding the status of ... [Read more]

On May 14, 1903, Sarah Agnes Cowell, the youngest daughter of Henry Cowell, was killed in a buggy accident at ... [Read more]

On November 24, 1971, a man identifying himself as Dan Cooper purchased a one-way ticket on Northwest Orient Airlines Flight ... [Read more]

To Verify a Physician's License:

The Medical Board of California can provide information about whether a physician has had disciplinary ... [Read more]

Driving across the Junipero Serra Freeway (I-280), the huge statue of a man pointing across the freeway is that of ... [Read more]

The first African-American U.S. Governor was Lawrence Douglas Wilder. Wilder was elected on November 7th, 1989 to serve as Governor ... [Read more]

The "City of Santa Cruz" painting hangs on the stairway landing near the second floor entrance to the Young People's ... [Read more]

From 1840 - 1980, every President of the U.S. who was elected in a year ending in a zero had ... [Read more]

The signers of the original California Constitution were the 48 delegates to the constitutional convention. The convention met from September ... [Read more]

Except where prohibited by state law, Universal Life Church ministers can perform weddings, funerals, baptisms and other functions of the ... [Read more]