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The Cake Walk was a popular dance among plantation slaves and eventually made the transition to minstrel shows. It was ... [Read more]

In the early days of California, the official seat of government was Loreto, in Lower California, and both Alta and ... [Read more]

A list of California governors from 1769 to the present.

Governors of California when California belonged to Spain, 1767 - ... [Read more]

The honorary title of Poet Laureate was first used in England in the 1600s. "Laureate" refers to the ancient Greek ... [Read more]

The Bear Flag is the State Flag of California. The original Bear Flag was raised at Sonoma on June 14, ... [Read more]

Prior to 1861 the Secretary of State was the ex officio State Librarian. By an act approved March 8, 1861, ... [Read more]

General Information

State Capital: Sacramento
Date California Admitted as a State: September 9, 1850
State Motto: "Eureka" (Greek for "I ... [Read more]

State Animal: California Grizzly
State Bird: California Quail
State Color: Blue & Gold
State Dance: West Coast Swing
State Fife ... [Read more]

The geographic center of California lies in Madera County, in the Central Valley.

[Read more]

The Great Seal, the earliest California symbol, was adopted by the Constitutional Convention on October 2, 1849. It was designed ... [Read more]

A total of 513 legal executions have taken place in California since 1893. Four of the executed were women.

1851 ... [Read more]

Capitola is located 4 mi / 6.4 km E of Santa Cruz at the mouth of Soquel Creek.

1.6 ... [Read more]

Remnants of the "S.S. Palo Alto." The 435-foot ship was built of concrete by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Co. just ... [Read more]

Chief Seattle is known for a speech he gave to the Washington territorial governor in 1854 regarding the status of ... [Read more]

Hundreds of millions of computers, cell phones, and electronics sit idle or are discarded by Americans every year. Electronic devices ... [Read more]

Here is a list of WiFi and computer access in Scotts Valley.
This list is provided for informational purposes ... [Read more]

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is compiled monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is a gauge of ... [Read more]

On May 14, 1903, Sarah Agnes Cowell, the youngest daughter of Henry Cowell, was killed in a buggy accident at ... [Read more]