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Did You Know?Did You Know?

Volunteering Vacations

Are you interested in a volunteer vacation this year? Check these websites for ideas and information:

The American Hiking Society
"On an AHS Volunteer Vacation, you visit stunning backcountry locations to construct or rebuild footpaths, cabins and shelters."

Cross-Cultural Solutions
"Cross-Cultural Solutions is a not-for-profit international volunteer organization that operates volunteer programs in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania, and Thailand."

"Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment."

Global Volunteers
"Live and work with local people on life-affirming community development projects for one, two or three weeks."

Habitat for Humanity International
"Habitat for Humanity International's Global Village trips give participants a unique opportunity to become active partners with people of another culture. Team members work alongside members of the host community, raising awareness of the burden of poverty housing and building decent, affordable housing worldwide."

i-to-i Ventures
"i-to-i Ventures are worthwhile voluntary projects that last from 4 to 24 weeks in 24 stunning countries around the world... You can choose between teaching English, conservation, media, health, building and care work projects."

The Sierra Club
"Through the roughly 90 service trips we run each year, our National Outings program donates roughly 27,000 work hours to state and federal land agencies. ... Usually, service trip participants team up with forest service rangers or park service personnel to restore wilderness areas, maintain trails, clean up trash and campsites, and remove non-native plants species."

Volunteers for Peace
"Our services include providing consultation and a placement service for workcamp hosts and volunteers, linking people with programs. Our programs foster international education, voluntary service and friendship."

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