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Dogs Playing Poker (Painting)

Dogs Playing Poker (Painting)

The title of the famous painting of dogs playing poker is "Looks Like Four of a Kind". It was painted by C. M. Coolidge (1844-1934) around 1910. According to the antique authorities Ralph and Terry Kovel,

"Between 1868 and 1872 Cassius Marcellus Coolidge worked as a druggist and sign painter, founded a bank and a newspaper, then moved from Antwerp, New York, to Rochester, where he started painting dogs in human situations. His poker-playing dogs are the most famous, but he also painted dogs on a commuter train and in a ballpark. Coolidge's first customers were cigar companies that printed copies of the paintings for giveaways. Coolidge eventually signed a contract with Brown & Bigelow to turn out hundreds of thousands of copies of his dog paintings for advertising posters, calendars, and prints."

The image of the 24" by 36" oil-on-canvas is reproduced from an advertisement in Antiques, April 1973, p. 617.

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