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Did You Know?Did You Know?

Lynching in San Jose, 1933

In 1933, in San Jose, California, a young man named Brooke Hart was abducted while leaving his father's department store.

Brooke Hart was the 22-year-old son of Alex Hart, owner of San Jose's second largest department store. A recent graduate of Santa Clara University, he had just been made a junior partner in the store.

On the evening of Brooke's disappearance, the Hart family received two calls from the kidnappers demanding $40,000.00 in ransom. The two kidnappers, who murdered Hart soon after the abduction, were apprehended and jailed awaiting trial. While the criminals were being held at the County jail, a band of vigilantes stormed the jail and hanged the pair of kidnappers in the town square, while ten thousand citizens watched.

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