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Father Junipero Serra Statue

Father Junipero Serra Statue

Driving across the Junipero Serra Freeway (I-280), the huge statue of a man pointing across the freeway is that of Father Junipero Serra. Constructed in 1976, the statue is made up of plaster and steel and stands 26 feet tall. The statue is the work of a San Carlos contractor, Louis Dubois. Dubois gave $6,000 of his own money towards creating the statue.

According to Dubois, the statue is not pointing at the freeway but rather the trail used by the missionaries as they moved north through California. Additionally, Father Serra's hand and sleeve form the image of a donkey's head, representing Father Serra's mode of transportation.

Father Junipero Serra was born in 1713 in Majorca Spain. A highly influential Spanish missionary figure who established several missions along the California Coast, Father Serra died in what is known today as Carmel in 1784.

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