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Did You Know?Did You Know?

California Vital Statistics & Facts

California Vital Statistics & Facts

General Information

State Capital: Sacramento
Date California Admitted as a State: September 9, 1850
State Motto: "Eureka" (Greek for "I have found it")
Population: 36,961,664*
Number of Registered Voters: 17,334,275**
Population Density: 237 people/sq. mi.***

Land Area

Including 2,674 sq. mi. of inland water: 158,648 sq. mi.
Coastal Water Area (Pacific water): 222 sq. mi.

Highest Elevation

Feet above sea level: Mount Whitney 14,496 ft.

Lowest Elevation

Feet below sea level: Death Valley 282 ft.

Total Number of Counties

58 counties

Governmental/Political Information

State Executive Officers:
12, including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Board of Equalization (4 positions), and Insurance Commissioner.

State Judiciary:
7 Justices on the State Supreme Court.

State Legislature:
Assembly Members: 80
State Senators: 40
Length of Assembly Term: 2 years
Length of Senate Term: 4 years
Term Limits - Assembly Members: 3 two-year terms
Term Limits - Senate Members: 2 four-year terms

Legislative Voting Requirements:
Votes Required to Pass Statutes: Assembly - 41
Votes Required to Pass Statutes: Senate - 21
Vote Requirements to Pass Appropriation, Budget, Constitutional Amendments, and Urgency Bills: Assembly 54, Senate 27.
Veto Override Vote Requirement: Two-thirds in each House:
Assembly 54, Senate 27
Ratification of Amendments to the U.S. Constitution:
Majority Vote of each House (by Joint Resolution)

Miscellaneous Legislative Information:
Impeachment Power:
Assembly indicts, drafts "articles of impeachment," and elects "managers" to prosecute; Senate tries and votes on impeachment.
Legislative Publications:
Daily Journal
Daily File
Weekly History

Non-Member Officers of the Legislature:
Chief Clerk of the Assembly
Secretary of the Senate
Sergeant-at-Arms (in each House)
Chaplain (in each House)

Motto of the State Assembly:
Legislatorum Est Justas Leges Condere
(Latin: "It is the duty of Legislators to make just laws.")

Motto of the State Senate:
Senatoris Est Civitatis Libertatem Tueri
(Latin: "It is the duty of a Senator to guard the liberty of the Commonwealth.")

*As of July, 2009
**As of February, 2009
***As of 2009

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